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Business Startup

  Business Start Up b

Better to buy an existing business or start  one from scratch? How about franchising a business? How to Finance the business?

Inland Retail Services will work with you on how to choose the right type of business. Retail or wholesale type of buisness.  Franchise or Independent type of business.  Storefront or  non-storefront type of business. We will work with you everystep of the way from finding a location for your business to Merchandising and stocking your shelves, to hiring and Management of your business and to drawing In and keeping customers.  The following is a sample of our area of expertise: 

        * Matching you with the business

       * Franchise/Purchase or buy an existing one 

         * Lease Negotiation

         * Fixtures Buying and Setting

         * Layouts

         * Advertising

         * Cost Study

         * Help obtain Finaicing/ SBA or Conventional

         * H/R

         * Products and Services                    

         * One or Multi Locations

         * Networking

         * Analyzing Competitions               

         * Demographic Study  

For more information about our Consultations Contuct Us or email to: sales@inlandretailservices.com

         Online E-Commerce




Make your business from a local market to  National or International Customers. We will show how to go Online and eBay. 

* Set up a website to support your business and increase your revenue

  Advertising your website and draw traffic

   Hosting and obtaining Domain Name. O
 powerfut affordable e-commerce solutions, provides all the essential ingredients. From ss o  Build, manage and host your website

 Credit Card  processing  to 

 ECommerce/Accepting Major Credit Cards 

     Managing your site day to day   

cart software.our online sales and accelerate bgrowth by adding another sales channel with an Inland Retail Services Webstore and powerful e-commerce features.  


* Selling your products and service online

* Ranking

* Maintaining your website

* Establish a link or set up an extension to our site on  eBay

 * Processing and shipping your orders      

 For more information about our Consultations Contuct Us or email to:sales@inlandretailservices.com