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Client Services

- Merchandising Services 

Inland Retail Services focus on your Merchandising challanges and we work closely  with our clients from the initial meeting to pinpoint areas of all merchandising concerns.

Our field Managers are Experts Merchants and we are trained solely to help you maximize your products sales. Our Retail Merchandising Division offers the following


                                                                                 - Planogram Sets                                              

- Cosignments Set Ups

Liquidating / Exiting

- Training- New product cut Ins

- Buying / Vendors Relation

- Fixtures Setting / Visual Merchandising                         

- Vendors Check List  and Refill

- Remodeling Projects / Relocating

- Inventory Control /  Loss Prevention

- P.O.S. System

- Deffective Products and Returns Solutions

- Turn Over 

The importance of Retail Merchandising  in  today's competitve retail envirement, a retailer cannot afford to consider Merchandising as a Minor or not important part of  business.

Merchandising is more than simply the arrangement of products on the shelf. It is an important component of the business image. 

What will grab the consumer's attantion? How you keep the customers walking right to your door? What  is unique about your store image? Etc... 

For more information about our Merchandising Services please Contact Us or send an email to: sales@inlandretailservices.com 

Human Resources 

Whether you have two employees or several hundred, Inland Retail Services provides creative and practical Human Resources crafted specially around your business.crafted specially around your business. 

When it comes to HR, we have the resources and tools to make  your life easier.  

  HR Start Package kit takes all the guesswork out of employer compliance. We will create  you new Hire Kit including an employee handbook, legal forms and information, and  provide tracking systems for you benefits administration.

Inland Retail Services strives to provide services that supplement an organization's own resources. Inland Retail Services can either provide services on a project basis or can serve as the Human Resource Department for organizations that do not have a formalized HR function established. Service include:

Employment Low Compliance; Performance Management Design and Information; Labor Relations; Human Resource Function Audit; Supervisory, Managerial and Employee Training; Employee Relations Issues Assistance; Compensation Program Design or  Support; Recruiting; Interview Skills; Training. 

Inland Retail Services recognizes its responsibility to offer the most current information and to tailor all work specifically to the client's needs and wants. 

Retail Consulting

Inland Retail Services
emphasizes profitable, innovative and realistic strategies. We deliver effective retail solutions to individual and small to mid-sized storefront and internet retail businesss. Benefit from our years of experience in Human Resources, Merchandising Services, 

Inland Retail Services Consulting, for a partnership that gets results:


* Assess Business Viability

* Profit from goal setting

* Achieve direction through Budgeting

* Plan for Roll-Outs

* Find profit-generating customers

* Boost your visual impact

* Manage a closure for the best outcome

* Gain tools to manage your Inventory

*Regain your competitive edge

*Benefit from expert support

Inland Retail Services delivers simple, interactive workshops on various aspects of Retail Management, each workshop is carefully tailord to your unique needs. Our workshops are made to: 

* Increase your visibility and recognition

* Design your own retail action plan

* Creating a product mix that sells

* Christmas Trimming: Visual Presentation for Increases Profit

* Growing your Business in today's Envirenment

* Juggling for success, Not Survival

* Business Resumption Planning 

Whether you are starting a Retail Business or already an Establish one, whether you have one or two hundred locations, Inland Retail Services Methodology: 

- Starting with an evaluation of the client's Business Objectives

- Identify the appropriate teaming partners

- Implement the solution and people alignment

- Manage all aspects of the timely delivery of the solution leaving the client's team free to continue with  Business as usual

- Walk the client through each phase of the process and keep them abreast of all projects in Process

- Deliver scheduales on progress reports through the design and implementation


 How We Can Help You ? 

*Business Assesment: Maximize your Results

*Budgeting: Generating Constructive Goals and Action Plan

*Purchasing ApproachesCreate Strategies for Growth that Pays

*Competitive Market Review Hone your competitive edge

*Marketing: Design your compaign with Profits in mind

*Personnel Management Develop your Client's imaginations

*Workshops Profit from what you learn

For more information about our Consultations Contuct Us or email to: sales@inlandretailservices.com